Polly with the mural all ready to be shipped!



New Mural Video from July 6


Here’s a video we created from the outreach at the Morean Arts Center when we did our original PZ ART-stacle course with the kids and also helped them create their very own street art tags. We love this video, such great energy. check it out!



The collaborative mural will exhibit at The Spitalfields Estate in East London, in a neighborhood that is renowned for it’s profound contributions to international graffiti and street art culture. Spitalfields market began in the East End in the 13th century and has continued to function as a vibrant and focal piece of the East London community. Today, Spitalfields is more than a market and continues to be one of the most visited public spaces in London, showcasing London fashion designers, cafes and restaurants, festivals and public art shows. Exhibiting at Spitalfields, the children’s artwork created with Pollyzoom will be seen by enormous numbers of international visitors for the Olympics, in addition to those who flock to the East London destination on a daily basis. When I lived in London, East London was my favorite part of the city and I used to visit Spitalfields each weekend. We are so excited to have the children’s mural travel to London to be a part of the Olympic celebrations and we are even more thrilled to be working with Spitalfields to make it happen. We love Spitalfields!